[MINT NOW] London Embers

[SOLD OUT] London Gift: 8888 generative art mementos each costing 1559 $LONDON to mint. While supplies last.

Proof of Beauty Studios

Preview of 10 NFTs.


Customize your PFP with a new background:

OR get a dope twitter banner:

Owning a LONDON gift enables you to participate in the đŸ’·LondonDAO. Each LONDON gift has the equivalent voting power of 1559 $LONDON.

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The generative art comes with varying rarity mainly captured by the rarity attribute.

super rare
secret rare

Each rarity tier selects from a group of unique Tile sets. Each tile set produces unique visual output, distinctive from one another.

common - grid, quilt, frizzle, squiggle, squiggle_1, squiggle_2

rare - diagonal, ripped, shattered, stairs

super rare - cities, squiggle

secret rare - pipes

The length of the gift's name is another rarity factor.

Num words in name

??? NFTs will have unique hand written names. The rest will be pseudo-random.

There is a few other attributes (Complexity, Framed) that influence the artwork that occur rarer than others. We will let the folks figure those out.

With the right combination of attributes, some truly cool/beautiful pieces may be one of a kind.


What is the difference between $LONDON and LONDON gift?

$LONDON is a erc20 token, you can learn more about it here. LONDON gift is a NFT.

How many LONDON gift will exist?

There will be a supply of 8888.

When does the shoppe open?

Right after the LONDON hardfork.

How much to mint?

Just pay the fare of 1559 $LONDON.

When will the tokens be revealed?

36 hours after the hardfork OR all the gifts have been minted.

What if I miss out on the sale?

Your $LONDON still holds value as voting power in the đŸ’·LondonDAO. In the future, the DAO can comission more artistic experiments for $LONDON holders.

What comes after for the gift/shoppe?

That is left to the đŸ’·LondonDAO to decide!

Where do the proceeds go to?

All proceeds will be directed to a gnosis multisig.

How much of the proceeds will be burnt?

After the sale, we will be burning 15.59% of the proceeds. After the burn, the descisions of what to do with the capital will be left to the community.